Guy ‘Steals’ Millions with AI

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Guy Steals 3.6 Million Traffic with AI Content

A UK based SEO agency (Content Growth), pulled off an SEO heist that stole 3.6 million traffic from a competitor using AI generated content.

Here’s how they did it.

  1. Steal competitor’s sitemap
  2. Turn list of URLs into article titles
  3. Use AI to create 1800 articles at scale
  4. Created a company called Byword that avoids “AI detection”

Ok firstly, this may get alot of hate (like it already has on X) but I have to hand it to him…

Not only were able to outrank their competitors at insane scale with less resources, less effort & faster but also create so much controversy that the internet + media covered this story while showcasing how “effective” his new AI tool is (for free!). Brilliant!

But quality wise, not great. For example, A 1,500-word blog on “investing in Tesla” made zero mentions of CEO Elon Musk.

There seem to be more high profile publishers using AI to create content. In fact today, we saw Sports Illustrated allegedly publishing AI generated articles by authors who didn’t exist (AI generated headshots & profiles).

Or earlier this year BuzzFeed caught publishing awkward AI articles.

Google did relax the rules around ranking AI generated content which allows you to publish them as long as it’s high quality. However the above have proven not to be true and yet they still rank.

This is why people are pissed. This totally makes sense.

What happens when the web is flooded with poor quality AI generated content? Will the quality of AI degrade overtime as it feeds on diluted AI content that’s currently being pumped out into the web?

Hey, I’m all for AI content but I also believe in humanised content because if it’s not giving any value & people can tell it was generated with AI, that’s the wrong way to go about it.

I tested this idea out on my own FB page this week – I generated a FB post with 2 prompts to get this output (only the beginning & end were taken out).

Check out the results! 208 likes, 80 comments, 14 shares. We ended up selling 3 memberships & 4 enquiries.

Here was the output from ChatGPT incase you were wondering 😉

The secret? A few prompt techniques mashed into 1 + a true story.

I explain how to do this in my new course – more info below

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🍿AI Snacks

🍮 OpenAI’s secret Q* project may be a glimpse into early AGI & potential reason why Sam Altman was ousted in the first place

🍟Amazon’s New Chatbot for business connects to apps – preview here

🍮 Anthropic slashes prices for Claude 2.1 to beat competition

🍕 Google Bard can now interact with YouTube videos

🍿 OpenAI not willing to offer a board seat to their investors, incl. Microsoft

🍭 Philips’ first AI tech to launch mobile MRI

🍪 Everyone can be a film maker with Pika

🍫 AI Researchers able to predict sudden cardiac death

🍟 Microsoft working on AI-powered therapist

🍧 Google uses AI to protect Australia’s bird species (even bin chickens!)


Tutorial – Embed Custom AI Agent on Zapier

  1. Create an account on Zapier
  2. Open this Premade Automation and click “Try this Zap“
  3. Follow this Full Instruction on how to set up this Inquiry Auto-Responder Automation.
  4. On the second action named – “Conversation With Assistant in ChatGPT”. Fill in this prompt under the ‘Message’ Box.

Inquiry: {Inquiry Placeholder}

Name: {Name Placeholder}

Gardening Service Applied: {Service Selected} Company Name: Green Thumb Gardening Services

5. Select the assistant you created.
(see how to create Custom Assistant). Then Save the Zap.


  1. Pika Art – Crazy good text to video tool
  2. Magnific AI – Upscale and seamlessly enhance your images
  3. Qreates – Create professional studio quality ECommerce product images

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