From Data to Delight: Unleashing the Magic of Automation in Customer Communication

By Brand Nat

Capturing Customer Data with Google Forms

Automating customer communication promises to be transformative, but many businesses still rely on manual, inefficient processes. In this post, we’ll explore how seamlessly integrating Google Forms, Sheets, and the OpenAI API can unleash the magic of automation to revolutionize your approach. Follow along as we journey from data capture to customer delight, revealing how intelligent tools can deliver personalized, swift communication at scale.

Why This Automation is a Game-Changer

  • Saves time by eliminating manual data entry and response creation, accelerating communication.
  • Allows delivering personalized, tailored messages at scale, wowing customers.
  • Reduces human error by leveraging automated workflows, ensuring accuracy.
  • Enables swift communication through instant form submission and API-generated responses, increasing responsiveness.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Create your Google Form

Sample Template

Make your Enquiry Form

To view your sheets

Go to Responses to view the sheetsClick on View in Sheets

Create these following fields

Open the Zapier Template

Click on Try this Zap

Open Trigger Action and signin your Gsheets Account

Click on Open stepClick on Sign in

Make sure you select the correct sheet

Click on Continue

Go back Google sheet and fill in your form for test entry

Type "12312312312"

Type "What time are you open?"

Submit your Test Enquiry

Click on Gardening Service Enquiry Form…

Go back to Zapier and Test Trigger

Click on Test triggerClick on Continue with selected record

Go to the second action and fill in your OpenAI API

Click on Sign in

Fill the prompt

Sample Prompt below

My Company:
[Company Details]

Customer’s Inquiry: 

Name: [Name]

Service Request: [Company Services]

Notes: [Notes]

Your task is to answer if the Notes have questions on them or give a very short 1 sentence discussion about the [Company Service] they want to avail. Your format should be standard response email format.


Test your prompt

Click on Test action

Go to 3rd Action and select the correct spreadsheet

Click on Choose value…

Under the Row
Make sure to select the Row ID under (New Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets)

Click on CustomClick on Row ID 2

Under the Draft Email
Paste the Response from OpenAI

Click on Draft EmailClick on Response

Test and Publish the Zap

Click on Publish

Go to your Gsheets

You can see that Draft Email Column is now filled.

Click on application

Setting Up to automate sending the email

Go to Zapier Template:  Send Response Email

Click on Send Response Email…

Click the Trigger and select the correct Spreadsheet location

Click on Trigger Column

Under the Trigger Column, Select “Send Email” Column

Click on Continue

Go to the Second Action

Fill in the correct queries

Click on Email

Type your preferred Email Subject Line

Write your preferred Email Subject Line

Select Draft Email

Go to the Last Action, Make sure to select the correct spreadsheet and under the Email Status type “Email Sent”

Type in highlight

Sample Email

Gsheet Output

And that’s a wrap!

The potential of automated customer communication is astounding, but realizing it requires the right tools. By bringing together Google Forms, Sheets, and OpenAI, you can remove friction from data collection, draw insights to craft personalized messages, and deliver customer delight. Automation provides the magic to transform communication from a manual chore into an opportunity to wow customers. Implement these strategies to streamline your flows, amaze customers, and unleash productivity. Say farewell to customer communication drudgery and unleash the magic of automation to delight!

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