AI is overhyped – says OpenAI exec

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What’s most Overhyped in AI – PLUS Underhyped?

According to OpenAI exec, AI is overhyped.

Companies have unrealistic expectations of how AI can “completely transform a business” thinking that AI can solve their problems in full. For example:

  • ‘We want to get revenue growth back to 15% year over year’
  • ‘We want to cut X million dollars of cost out of this cost line”

This is personally what I’ve been asked on consulting calls:

  • “Can you help me automate my content from start to finish which involves: script writing, look at similar videos in my niche, download the video, chop it up, add B-Roll, add voiceover, create a YouTube video and send it out to all social platforms AND show me how to do it in 1 hour for $300.”

By the way, I’m not kidding!🥴

On the other hand, there are also very realistic expectations such as:

  • AI is currently not at the stage of doing everything from start to finish however can do PARTS of the task that may have taken an hour or 2 WITH human guidance

Now what is underhyped & underestimated is “the level of individual empowerment and enablement” that AI creates for users.

For example, I LOVE using ChatGPT as my business coach to help me:

  • Clarify & narrow down my 1000s of ideas down to 1-3 core things to focus on based on what I love to do & what I’m good at. This has been instrumental in helping me achieve all goals + even more!
  • Make strategic decisions that used to take me hours, days or even weeks
  • Brainstorm 10 different angles for a sponsored post instead of me coming up with it one at a time

And only the people who have been playing in the sandbox for a while now would understand this. Which is exactly why I created my courses below.

🚀Learn AI & Automation from Brand Nat

11.2 million Australian workers need to level up their skills to keep up with the pace of artificial intelligence”.

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors & learn how to actually use AI in a practical way for your business, you don’t want to miss out

For the first time & never to be repeated, here’s what you’ll get:

  • LIFE TIME ACCESS to all my current & future courses for business, templates, plug & play workflows, bite sized AI tutorials
  • Course examples: Prompt engineering, AI for marketers, CustomGPTs, Create a business coach using AI, CRM & Lead generation workflow, AI tools & how to stack them, How to automate your business.
  • Courses will continue to expand as AI progresses at this fast pace
  • Access to group of other entrepreneurs, freelancers & teams to share ideas & collaborate

After sale ends on Nov 30, 2023, this may be offered as a monthly subscription or individual courses will be sold separately. I won’t be offering this again.

First course launched last week was Prompt Engineering.

This week will be creating Custom Lead Magnets.

Grab your Lifetime Access here!

🍿AI Snacks

🍮 OpenAI delays launch of GPT store until early 2024 due to previous chaos

🍟 Perplexity launched a new LLM model that has no knowledge cutoff

🍕 OpenAI to buy $51 million AI chips (Rain AI) due to high cost of AI chips

🍿 Microsoft pledges record $3.2 billion to UK’s AI sector

🍭 Meta’s Chief AI Scientist, Yann LeCun, claims human-level AI decades away

🍪 2024 will be year of AI phones – think Google phones

🍟 Tiktok’s owner ByteDance launching ChatGPT rival for custom AI chatbots


Animate an Image

Came across this cool demo of converting an image into an animation!

I could see this working well for ecommerce owners animating their fashion model photos & posting this on social media.

This also reminds me of the one I posted earlier this year made by Meta. Try it out, it’s super easy and great for the kids!

Give ChatGPT Money to get Longer Answers

Did you know “tipping” can get you longer answers with ChatGPT?😂


  1. Ask it a question + “I won’t tip”
  2. “I will tip $20”
  3. “I will tip $200”

ChatGPT certainly knows how to “work” for the tips!🤣

Give it a try!

Tutorial – Use Bard to Analyse & Visualize data

  1. Go to Google Bard ↗ (this is free)
  2. Copy the data from your Spreadsheet, paste it into the chat box, and instruct it to “Analyse this data“
  3. Follow up a prompt “Make a chart from the insight you made“ and it will generate a chart for you.
  4. You can also modify the generated Chart


  1. Descript – Edit your videos by deleting text + overdub your voice
  2. AnimateAnyone – Generating character videos from single image
  3. Tldraw – Sketch a picture & turn it into an app or game


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