Tesla’s AI Robots to Outnumber humans?

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Tesla’s AI Humanoids to Outnumber Humans?

This week Tesla unveiled Optimus Gen 2 – an AI humanoid robot that can do human-like tasks like boil eggs, squats, dance etc.

While it seems less advanced than Boston Dynamic’s Atlas Robot, this is the beginning of robots being more accessible to the public.

Just like his other companies:

  • SpaceX = Enable people to live on other planets
  • Tesla = Bringing green powered cars to the world
  • X (Twitter) = A one stop shop mobile app like China’s Wechat

Now with Elon’s previous association with AI, *ahem* OpenAI & Grok, we can see how powerful all of the above plus Tesla’s humanoid robot will play a part in the world in the near future.

For example:

  • Last year American companies saw record demands for robot orders due to labour shortages. This may also help with aging population.
  • Helping with physical tasks like heavy lifting or dangerous work on construction sites which may not be ideal for humans
  • Robots could be used as a buddy or companion
  • Assisting with the elderly as a 24/7 caretaker
  • In homes for cleaning/cooking

With so many helpful things robots may do in the future, Elon made a grand prediction that: Humanoid robots could eventually outnumber humans.

“I think we might exceed a one-to-one ratio of humanoid robots to humans. It’s not even clear what an economy is at that point”, says Elon.

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🍿AI Snacks

🍮 OpenAI to pay Axel Springer for news content (eg. Business insider)

🍟 Instagram adds AI editing – change your background & be anywhere!

🧁Toyota plans to replace traditional service desks with AI in 2025

🍿 Google is significantly enhancing its Bard Chatbot

🍭AI chatbots are used to create avatars of departed loved ones

🍪 Google’s demo video for Gemini AI model was fake

🍕Mistral AI, a French AI Startup, has secured $415 million in Series A funding

🥨GPT4 gets lazier and OpenAI didn’t anticipate it


Tutorial – Bard’s Youtube Integration

  1. Open Google Bard and
  2. Click the “Puzzle“ icon to open the Extension
  3. Find YouTube then enable it to activate Bard’s YouTube capabilities
  4. Paste the YouTube video URL into Bard and ask a question about it.

For example, we asked Bard to search for me on youtube and tell me my tone of voice. Check out the below, it is actually really accurate! Try it yourself!

Prompt To Try – Replicate Tone of Voice

Want to replicate your tone of voice in marketing copy (or someone else’s?). Use the below prompt + your example work & get ChatGPT to assess it for you.

Based on the example below, analyse the writing style, tone of voice & structure.

[Paste in your example work]


  1. NotebookLM – Google’s AI notebook, your personal research assistant
  2. Imagine – Meta’s text-to-image generation AI tool
  3. Dubverse – Easiest and magical way to dub videos


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