AI Influencers 91% Cheaper than Humans

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AI Influencers Take on $21bn Creator Industry

Meet Aitana Lopez (200k followers) who makes $10,000/month & gets paid $1000 per post to promote brands like Victoria’s Secret and hair care products like Olaplex.

But she isn’t just an influencer, she’s a “Virtual Influencer” who was made using AI.

She was created by a Spanish marketing agency, Clueless who were getting tired of the:

  • Skyrocketing rates from influencers
  • Potential controversy tied to the influencer
  • Influencer demands & opinions they created their own influencer using AI.

But are they really more effective than human influencers?

A case study by Instagram found a H&M ad with virtual influencer Kuki resulted in 91% decrease in cost per person remembering the ad + 11x more reach compared to a traditional ad. See it here.

Other partnerships include:

  • Kim Kardashian’s make up line KKW Beauty with Noonoouri
  • Louis Vuitton, Prada, Ferragamo & Guerlain with Ayayi
  • Tesla, Bulgari, Tissot, Estee Lauder with Ling
  • Burberry, Prada and Givenchy with Lil Miquela ($10k/post)

Some of the above partnerships date back a few years ago so you can tell they are AI generated however seeing how far AI image & video generators have come in the last year, it is going to be harder to tell real from fake.

Let’s not forget, there are entire teams that work behind the scenes to create these influencers but it will also become easier for anyone in the future to create their own influencer.

Impact on small businesses:

This is great for business owners who want a social media presence on short form video platforms like Tiktok/Insta/FB without showing their face, relying heavily on influencers and creators to drive traffic/revenue to their business.

But do people care it’s AI?

Well, to some degree we have all seen some real influencers who are “fake” or live a fake lifestyle. In my opinion, AI or not AI, if the AI influencer is great at capturing attention through storytelling, creating human connection, and relatability this would work. We’ve already seen proof (above).

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Apart from automating your job workflow end to end, Artisans self improve every single day.

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🍿AI Snacks

🍮 Get GPT-4 & DALL-E 3 for free on your phone with Copilot AI

🍨 Midjourney is starting to train a new “text to video” model

🧁 Gemini Ultra expected to launch this year

🍿 Midjourney accused of stealing from 16,000 artists for AI training

🍭 Researchers build a brain-computer that allows telepathic communication

🍪 Rabbit OS, a new AI mobile operating system

🍕 OpenAI seeks to raise company’s valuation to $100 Billion+

🥨 84% of people trust that ChatGPT’s diagnosis aligns with that of a doctor


Tutorial – Create Linkedin Pic 1 Prompt

Create your own custom Linkedin Avatar in under 30sec!

Fun activity to do with your colleagues and friends 🙂

You can use ChatGPT (plus account $20/mo) or Microsoft Copilot (Free).

Just copy and replace the prompt below with your details:

Create a 3D illustration of an animated character sitting casually on top of a social media logo “LinkedIn”. The character is a <describe yourself, age, hair, eyes, clothing>. The background of the image is a social media profile page with a user name “Your Name” and a profile picture that matches the animated character.

Check out more images on my Linkedin & see what others have created + add me there if you haven’t already! 🙂

Want to take it further? Use Pika to make moving videos:

  1. Upload your Linkedin Image generated above
  2. Type in Prompt like “wind blowing her hair”
  3. Watch your image come to life!

*Note: the prompting on images you upload isn’t great as it doesn’t follow what you tell it however the text to video feature is pretty cool to try!


  1. Channel 1 AI – A new global news network powered by Al
  2. Delphi – Create an AI version of yourself to expand your knowledge
  3. UserWise – User feedback to make informed decisions based on data

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