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1/ OpenAI may launch “App Store” for ChatGPT, a marketplace for AI models. This would allow businesses to buy and sell customized bots tailored to specific niches. For example Khan Academy built their own AI tutor for teachers and students which could use the OpenAI “App Store” to distribute more widely. CEO Sam Altman said while there are plans for an AI marketplace, there are no active efforts to build one right now.

2/ Over 100,000 ChatGPT Accounts stolen and sold on the Dark Web Remember it is not only the passwords but also includes access to sensitive and confidential information entered into ChatGPT as it retains all conversations. To protect yourself, use strong passwords, activate two-factor authentication (2FA), and be mindful of the plugins you install on ChatGPT.

3/ Meta unveils speech-generating AI tool Voicebox, a powerful tool that can learn to speak and sound like anyone with only 2 seconds of sample audio. While it has potential applications to assist the visually impaired, the risks of criminal and political impersonations are too high to ignore. Meta decided not to release it to the public…yet?

4/ Opera Debuts ‘One’ Browser With Built-in Generative AI which introduces a range of AI features such as the Aria chatbot and AI Prompts, which lets you interact with the browser and get deeper into the content you’re viewing. Additionally, the browser features a modular design that lets you hide and surface features as needed. You can try it here.


If I lost everything today and didn’t have a social media following and $0 in my bank. This would be what I’d do.

Offer A.I. Services on Fiverr

Why? Because with no following or traffic, Fiverr serves as your marketplace where people who are actually looking for services can find your offerings at no cost to you.

They have also introduced a new area called “AI Services” where you can offer services to businesses like building AI chatbots, AI websites, Fact checking etc.

If you don’t know what services to offer, check out what other people are offering and see which ones have been the most reviewed or most bought to give you a starting point.

Now if you don’t know how to fufill the above services, what you can do is go on Tiktok or Youtube and watch all the A.I. creators with their tutorials (I also have plenty of videos with tutorials for you to learn😛 ).

You could leverage AI by learning prompt engineering and generate lots of content at scale, generate customer personas, marketing strategies etc

If you don’t have time to learn and you want a fast tracked way, I have created Plug-and-Play ChatGPT marketing templates where you can simply input your client’s details and ChatGPT will generate things like potential customer personas, their business mission/vision, custom content topics and social media content ideas that is customised to their brand (not so generic).

For example, this person is offering to create 3 buyer personas for $100 with almost 500, 5 star reviews.

Offer these services (not in the AI section but in the traditional sections of Fiverr like Graphics & Design – see below) – no one needs to know you’re using A.I. 😛

There are many other services especially in the logo creation, website creation, graphics, video editing space where you could easily offer using AI (to your advantage) because even today there aren’t many using AI in the schemes of things.

Remember, always check your work to make sure it is high quality and in line with what your clients are looking for which may require tweaking if need be.

For businesses that want to implement AI into your business, Fiverr have given our subscribers 10% off AI services below with a code. Enjoy!

Get 10% off AI Services code: BRANDNAT10

From AI developers to designers, find freelance experts to generate the best results

Fiverr have been kind enough to offer our subscribers 10% for A.I. services for your business 🙂

A.I. Tutorial – Automated Research Summaries

If you have to manually research and analyse information on websites, you will want to check out our cool A.I. Automated research zap!

This week we created this to help you automatically + instantly:

  1. Summarise a website (customised to your requirements)
  2. Puts the summary into your preferred tool like Click up, Trello, Word Doc.

We created FREE tutorial for you on how to set this up yourself here.

👩‍💻 ChatGPT Prompt to try

This is a quick way to get your website audited by an AI “marketer” and see where you can improve, stat!

ChatGPT-4 + Web browsing

I want you to browse my website on the link below and generate 5 thing we can do right now to[drive more traffic, increase sign ups, drive more sales]

[Insert URL here]


  1. Rows is like spreadsheets on steroids. Turn your spreadsheets into reports, ask questions about it and even integrate it with your social media to show analytics.
  2. Eduaide perfect companion for educators to help with creating meaningful lesson plans and assessments based on student needs (which are all unique).
  3. Vimeo’s New AI Video tool (early access) allows you to automatically delete sections of a video like you would edit a word doc including the “ums” and “uhhs”. This is similar toDescript however also offers creation of chapters, apply your brand kit, and optimize for SEO.


🚀 How I can help you

  1. If you want Nat & her team to implement AI & Automation in your business to save time & increase revenue, Book a call with Nat here!
  2. Generate UNLIMITED supply of content ideas, customer personas, viral hooks, marketing assets & more with my ChatGPT Prompt Strategy!
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