Automated Research Summary

By Brand Nat
Open Click Up

Click on Dropdown menu

Click on List

Click on List

Paste input

Paste input

Click on Create List

Click on Create List

Click on + New Task

Click on + New Task

Name your Task and Save

Paste input

Open Zapier Link

Open this link

Click on Try this Zap

Click on Try this Zap

Click on Trigger to Open

Click on Open step

Open Trigger and Install the Extension

Click on install the extension

Click Add to Chrome and Add extension

Click Add to Chrome

Click Add Extension

Go back to Zapier and Click on Continue

Go back to Zapier and Click on Continue

Test the trigger

Click on Trigger

Go to the First Action

Click on Open step

Add your Account

Click on Change

Insert your OpenAI API key

Click on textbox

Click Continue once added

Click on Continue

Insert this Prompt

Please provide a concise, comprehensive review of this website: {URL} from the perspective of an online business entity. This should include:

  1. Overview: (2 sentences at max)
    Please give a concise summary of the website, highlighting its purpose, industry, and target audience.
  2. Top Three Features: (Bullet format, 1 sentence each)
    Identify and describe the three most notable features or functionalities of the website that are beneficial to online businesses.
  3. Pricing: (1 sentence lowest plan offered)
    State the price of the most basic plan or membership available on the website.
  4. Conclusion: (2 Sentences at max)
    Provide a brief concluding statement that summarizes the key strengths and advantages of the website for online businesses.

This review should be concise, avoiding jargon, and crafted to require only a single reading for full comprehension.

Make sure to add the Tab URL

Click on Tab URL

Test Action

Click on Test action

Click on the Last Action
Log-in your ClickUp Account

Now Open the third Action and click Change of Sign in Account

Connect your workspace

Click on Connect Workspace

Under the Action Setting
Navigate the task you created earlier

Click on Choose value…

Name the Subtask

I named it "AI-Tool { Tab Title}"

Click on 1. New Push in Zapier Chrome extension

Click on Tab title Zapier, Inc.

Under the Task Description

Reviewed by GPT {OpenAI Response}

Click on Response Overview: Zapier is an automation tool designed to help online businesses automate processes, save time, and improve efficiency. It allows users to connect apps they are already using and automate workflows between them. Top Three Features: • Automation: Zapier …

Test the Action then Publish the Zap

Click on regionClick on Publish

Now open AI Tool's website that you want to Review
Open the chrome extension

Click here

Click Send

Click here

Wait for a while and open your ClickUp

You will see that a new subtask is created with the review of ChatGPT Click here

You are done!

The thorough and detailed tutorial on setting up this automation can be viewed on this link.


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