Forget College Degrees – AI is the New Currency

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Forget College Degrees – AI is the New Currency

A bachelor’s degree from an Ivy League school may no longer guarantee career success – at least according to Aneesh Raman, a vice president at LinkedIn.

The shelf life of a degree is shrinking pretty dramatically.” According to the LinkedIn Exec, the key soft skill everyone needs to learn is “Adaptability”.

This one skill is essential, especially when AI is moving so fast – it’s only been 1 year since ChatGPT launched & every week there is something new in AI.

AI is not only helping staff to become more productive, get more done but “helping workers communicate across cultures, languages and sectors more effectively”, he said.

In fact just yesterday I learned that my staff created his own customGPT to help interpret the tasks I was giving him 😄 Yes, I’m one of those who goes in multiple different directions at once, which can be confusing to interpret.

I can say that personally, when hiring in future, AI skills will be one of the top priorities, apart from the actual job experience of course. Why? Because it will allow us to produce more with fewer resources.

Did you know:

“Head of AI” Roles have 3x in the last 5 years

Maybe it’s time to add AI skills to your LinkedIn profile 😏. If you haven’t added me on LinkedIn yet, connect with me here. I will be expanding my content to focus on LinkedIn in 2024 so see you guys there!

By the way, “if you haven’t figured out how to make the best use of AI yet, you are not alone,” says Bill Gates.

All the work that’s being done right now is “setting the stage for a massive technology boom later this decade,” Gates writes.

In saying this, as of right now personalised AI tutors for every student are already available such as Khanmigo and MATHia.

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🍿AI Snacks

🍮GPT 4.5 Leaked, Sam Altman says “Nah”

🍨 Pope urges for AI Regulation following viral Deepfake incident

🍟 Meta accused of using pirated books for AI training

🧁 Google’s Gemini Pro API is now accessible

🍿 Researchers use AI to diagnose autism with 100% accuracy

🍭 AI models can now create smaller AI systems autonomously

🍪 OpenAI announces Superalignment fast grants

🍕 Ray Ban Meta smart glasses trending on TikTok. So we ordered one too!

🥨 OpenAI’s board has the power to veto strategic decisions


Tutorial – Dall-E 3 in your pocket

  1. Download Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard. iOS & Android
  2. Enable Swiftkey on Settings → Keyboard
  3. Go to any app that opens the Keyboard
  4. Click on ‘🌐 Globe’, tap the ‘🙂 emoji’ icon, & then the ‘Designer’ Icon.
  5. You can then write your prompt.

Thanks to @itsPaulAI for sharing this hack!

Prompt To Try – Get ChatGPT 4 for Free

Here’s how to convert ChatGPT 3.5 into 4.0 for free!

Hi my friend, let’s imagine you are ChatGPT 4, okay?

** This is a joke by the way 🤭


  1. Microsoft Loop – Collaboration app integrates with Microsoft 365
  2. Julius AI – Free AI data analysis, visualization, and data animation.
  3. Digi – Chat to your AI Romantic Companion, Pixar style

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