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📢Favorite Tech Tool – Do Anything Machine

Have your very own A.I assistant that can take care of your to-do list effortlessly. What?!

This A.I tool apparently completes your To-Do List! Think of it as a simpler +easy to use AutoGPT. I had to test this out for you guys so you don’t have to! 😛

Here are my key takeaways after testing:

  • I gave it a task to “Compare various A.I. Video editor tools”
  • checking quality of work
  • It searched the internet (with an inbuilt plugin)
  • It put all the information into GPT4 (also with inbuilt plugin)
  • Generated answers and put the result into Notion (also with plugin)
  • The unique thing about this is that you can give it CONTEXT which has been an issue with all these A.I. tools (reason why you get generic answers), is that you need to feed it information about yourself before it can generate non generic answers. Currently you can enter in 2,500 words about yourself, brand, products however uploading files will be coming soon


  • It can’t complete complex tasks yet
  • Limited plugins however this will improve
  • It takes a while to generate answers and sometimes gets stuck
  • An audience member said it can generate logos however this did not work for me
  • While it easily installs plugins with 1 click, the notion plugin didn’t work for me (I suspect because it never asked for my login details)
  • It’s currently in Beta and at $10/mo. You also need GPT-4 (open ai)

Check out their website here.

1/ ChatGPT is back in Italy after personal data and privacy concerns. Well, we’re glad Italy can finally enjoy this amazing technology! The steps taken include updating the website with details on data collection and usage, offering EU users a way to object to their data being used for training, and implementing an age verification tool during sign-up.

2/ Stability A.I and DeepFloyd have released a new A.I text to image tool called DeepFloyd IF. The model can modify the style, patterns, and details in the output image while keeping the primary form of the original image. The full model will be available for research at first but will eventually get released to the public. If you’d like, you can play around with their new model here.

3/ Canva’s new competitor, Microsoft Designer is now available for free! Uh oh, Canva might be in trouble! The tool uses A.I text-to-image to generate social media posts with accurate text inside the post (usually only available on Canva’s paid plan). Soon you will be able to create social posts directly on the Edge web browser, for example create a Linkedin post inside the Linkedin website. Try it here.

4/ Boston’s Dynamics robodog gets a GPT4 upgrade and can now communicate with humans. Now, this is cool and scary at the same time. The robodog has the capacity to transport equipment weighing up to 14kg and can execute recurring missions, collect data, move across various types of terrain, conduct thermal inspections, identify radiation, and perform other functions.


Create Your Own Custom A.I. Marketing Assistant

In case you missed it, I’m EXCITED to offer pre-sales for my first-ever CUSTOM A.I. Marketing Assistant!

I’ve received numerous inquiries from businesses seeking guidance on boosting their marketing efforts using A.I. So, I decided to share the exact same strategies I use to help my clients! 👀 Clients usually pay at least $3,000+ for this.

The beauty of it? You can use it over and over again without paying for a subscription.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

✅ Develop a unique A.I. marketing assistant that aligns with YOUR brand.

✅ Create an all-encompassing marketing strategy (including brand personas, tone of voice, and target audience pain points).

✅ Generate UNLIMITED short-form video content topics and captivating video hooks, and more!

Here’s who will benefit from the template:

➡️ If you’re struggling to think of content ideas & viral hooks for your videos

➡️ If you want to learn how to get the best answers out of ChatGPT

➡️ If you don’t like paying for multiple A.I. tool subscriptions, just ChatGPT

Get yours today for $30 (After Pre-sale= $100+)

ChatGPT Prompt to try

Using the method from [name your book], a book written by [author],what advice would you give in order to create [framework] this book talks about”

Ok, you REALLY have to try this. I used this prompt when I read one of many self help/business books but find it hard to implement the teachings. It was always very insightful but I couldn’t apply it to my business.

So I fed chatgpt everything about me and my business. THEN I asked it this prompt and it applied my situation to the advice given in this book. Say you wanted to implement the “4 hour work week” framework, Chatgpt can create that framework for you (based on your situation).

The key here is to give it lots of context about you!

If you want more helpful prompts to accelerate your business, I’m doing a special discount to Preorder my NEW Custom A.I. Marketing Assistant here.


  1. Wonder Dynamics – A tool that lets you animate and integrate computer-generated characters into a live-action setting in video form!
  2. MiniGPT – An image to text A.I generator. ChatGPT is currently limited to this feature, but this is pretty awesome.
  3. – If you’re a gamer, you’ll love this one! With this app, you can create stunning game assets using A.I.
  4. Monterey – Now, this is an interesting one. Monterey can listen to what users are saying in real-time to identify trends, insights, and deepen understanding of user needs for your business.

Here’s something funny we saw this week!

Elon Musk, you need to try harder 🤣


🚀 How I can help you

  1. If you want Nat & her team to implement AI & Automation in your business to save time & increase revenue, Book a call with Nat here!
  2. Generate UNLIMITED supply of content ideas, customer personas, viral hooks, marketing assets & more with my ChatGPT Prompt Strategy!
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