Create your own A.I. Avatar with Canva’s new TEXT to VIDEO!

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📢Favorite Tech Tool – D-id + CANVA!

What happens when Canva and D-ID join forces?!? You get image to talking video using text prompts. Or in other words you can get an avatar or a photo of yourself to talk for you all on video! This is all done DIRECTLY in Canva! 🤯

Keep scrolling down to see the promo video we created for our new Chatgpt Prompt Templates – all done within in 1 min! (note: it is available to paid plans)

White House to meet with Google, OpenAI, and Microsoft CEOs about A.I regulation to discuss how the technology could pose a serious risk to the public through privacy concerns, bias, crazy A.I. scams and misinformation which could impact national security, political elections and education. While it is great that they are seeking accountability measures, we hope the deputies in the Whitehouse have the right technical knowledge and background in A.I. to keep these safe guards in place.

Bing got some upgrades! As a ChatGPT user, you may have observed a crucial element missing – it currently lacks the ability to search the web or access data and information beyond 2021. This constraint affects use cases that need real-time data. The Browsing plug-in for ChatGPT aims to address this issue but hasn’t been released to public yet. In the interim, Bing Chat now offers this sought-after functionality! You can explore it here.

OpenAI releases new Text-to-3D Model, Shap-E. OpenAI has been continuously pushing the limits of what’s achievable in the realm of artificial intelligence, and their latest release of the Shap·E model is pretty wild. They’ve demonstrated the potential of Shap·E through various examples, such as a bowl of food, a penguin, a voxelized dog, a campfire, an avocado-shaped chair, and much more!

Startup Inflection A.I, introduces Pi, your personal AI. It’s pretty clear that ChatGPT while being a great source of information, doesn’t exactly come across as personal. Well, this startup aims to fix that. Created by Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn’s co-founder, and Mustafa Suleyman, DeepMind’s co-founder, Inflection A.I want Pi to be that understanding “neutral listener” who can chat with users about personal matters and offer some guidance.


The Cool A.I. Avatar video we created using Canva!

Click here to see the video and tutorial on how you can do it too!

ChatGPT Prompt to try – Primer Question

If want to avoid generic answers but stuck on what type of information you should let ChatGPT know before answering your question, ask it this at the end of your question:

[Ask me 10 questions in order to produce the best answer to this question]

This lets you prime ChatGPT up (give context) before answering your actual question. Simply answer the questions. The best part? You didn’t have to think of the questions! It’s so simple yet so effective!

If you want more helpful prompts to accelerate your business marketing, check out my NEW A.I. Brand Marketer [ChatGPT Plug + Play templates] here.


  1. SumUp a tool to create a summary of a web article. It not only generates a summary but also provides Q&As, comments, and discussions all on its own.
  2. Raycast AI (for Mac users only) – a platform that offers a suite of tools to help businesses automate their workflows through the use of A.I-powered bots. The platform allows users to build, train, and deploy bots that can handle a variety of tasks, such as customer service, lead generation, and data entry.
  3. – This chrome extension is like ChatGPT directly in your browser! It also allows you to respond to emails/social media posts, rewrite text directly within the web browser without having to copy-paste into ChatGPT.

Here’s something interesting we saw this week!

How visual merchandisers are using MidJourney to help with design displays! This would have traditionally taken alot of time to organise and set up but having A.I. generate it for you as an inital draft is amazing!


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