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OpenAI’s Insane Update!

I’m not kidding when I say this is massive! OpenAI just unleashed a bunch of game changing updates that you will be excited about. Here we go:

  • Build your own custom GPT (AI Assistant) simply by chatting (no code)
  • Make money by selling your custom GPTs in theNEW GPT store
  • New GPT-4 Turbo now has 128K context window that can digest ~300 pages of text (biggest one compared to popular chatbots like Claude)
  • Updated information until April 2023
  • Cheaper costs by 2-3x
  • New API so you can create apps that can interpret images, create images or text to speech outside of ChatGPT

What this means for businesses:

  • Google Drive or Microsoft 365 as companies often have lots of data to be trained on. Whereas popular AI chatbot startups currently only allow manual uploading of files
  • Create inhouse AI Assistants that are starting to act like REAL assistants
  • Share your custom chatbot with your team or anyone to use Eg. your MarketingGPT which has your own prompts to generate video scripts.

I was mind blown using CalendarGPT by Zapier. You can now:

  • Ask what your Google Calendar schedule looks like today
  • Get it to browse the web for information about your lead before the call
  • Find open slots in your calendar to book meeting

The crazy thing is, this was ALL done within ChatGPT.

It “talked” to Zapier, asked for my approval to connect to Zapier & Google Calendar. I told it I wanted to switch to a different email & it did that for me IN the chat!

This experience has made it even more seamless & we’re excited to see what the community will be building with these cool tools from OpenAI!

Quickly Build AI Apps for Clients or Teams

Create custom AI apps for your team, clients, or yourself in 5 steps.

  1. Sign up for a no-code AI application layer like MindStudio.
  2. Define the purpose and standard output in the primary prompt.
  3. Select a foundational AI (GPT, Claude, or PaLM).
  4. Add custom data sources by uploading PDFs, excel sheets, text, etc.
  5. Add automations and customize user input to increase personalization.

You’re done! Publish, share, or embed the application.

Learn More

🍿AI Snacks

🍭 Mika – the World’s AI Humanoid First Robot CEO

🍪 Elon Musk’s xAI Unveils Grok powered by Twitter’s data (X)

🍕 Elon Musk predicts AI will take over all jobs, but Nvidia CEO disagrees

🍟 Meta Puts a Stop to AI-Generated Political Ads

🍧 AI revives a 50-year-old song by The Beatles

🍮Chinese Startup quietly outperforms giants in AI race

🍿 YouTube testing new AI, YouChat to answer questions about videos

🥨 1stAveMachine’s first AI editing board uses AI to edit videos

🧁Xbox allowing developers to create characters & storylines with AI


Tutorial – Dall-E 3 Generate Consistent Images

Normally it is very hard to generate consistent images with the same characters. Now you can do it in Dall-E 3 in ChatGPT

  1. Generate your first image
  2. Get the gen_id of the generated image by prompting it
    Please give me the gen_ids
  3. Copy the gen_id of the image you want to reproduce
  4. Generate new image and add
    …in the style of [gen_ids]

ChatGPT Prompt to Try – 4 Step Innovation

This process is a framework that can use different brainstorming techniques at each stage:

1. Identify the Correct Problem
2. Idea Generation
3. Develop a Prototype
4. Implement the Solution

Let’s go through a Four-Step Innovation Process to [topic]. Start with identifying the correct problem.


  1. Kickresume – Automate your CV creation with AI Resume Writer
  2. Octane AI – Increase Shopify Revenue by 50%
  3. Notion – a connected workspace that enhances collaboration and productivity


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