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📢Favorite Tech Tool –

Looking to add a powerful chatbot to your website? With Chatbase, you can upload any document or link from your website and create a ChatGPT-like chatbot that can answer any questions related to it.

Simply upload your document or add your website link, and our AI-powered chatbot will do the rest! Once your chatbot is ready, you can add a chat widget to your website and start engaging with your visitors like never before. Get started with Custom ChatGPT today!

Check out their website here.

1: Grime invites artists to use her voice in AI-generated songs and says to split royalties 50/50. This is quite an interesting take and truly a win-win for both her and the creators. While the music industry is in turmoil over copyright issues and big tech companies are trying to charge AI firms for access to data (which is based on information from us, by the way), this presents a unique opportunity. Let’s see if it leads to a fresh start for the music industry and allows AI producers to thrive!

2/ChatGPT will give you the option to NOT use your data for training. This has been a major concern for businesses, as some of their data is confidential. To do this, follow the steps here to toggle it off. However, keep in mind that if you do this, it won’t save or remember your chat history.

3/ Stability AI releases an open-source language model called StableLM. Basically, it’s just another tool like ChatGPT that can help generate text and code. But what makes it stand out is that StableLM was trained on a brand new experimental dataset that is three times bigger than the original one and has 1.5 trillion tokens of content. You can try it for free here.

4/ Japan city, Yokusaka deploys ChatGPT for municipal tasks. The city has started a one-month experiment to test whether GPT can boost productivity. It’ll be really interesting to see the results, especially since they could set a benchmark for other countries that are thinking about doing the same thing. It’s pretty wild to think about how some European countries are trying to ban this technology while others are fully embracing it!

5: Ex-pharma CEO launches a Health physician AI model similar to ChatGPT. In an interview on the My First Million podcast, founder Martin Shkreli mentions that people often go on Google looking for healthcare advice and have been doing it for years. And let’s be honest, we’ve all done it. However, he poses an interesting question to the audience: would you prefer to sift through generic SEO-focused articles on Google or trust an AI model trained on real studies and data? Disclaimer: This tool may be relevant to people looking for quick healthcare information but isn’t actually a qualified physician, so use it carefully!

6: Adobe announces plans to expand Adobe Firefly to video editing. Video editing is going to change forever with Adobe adding AI into the mix. Soon, A.I. will be able to intuitively add related sound, images, and b-roll clips to your video based on your text or audio in the video, or simply type in text and A.I. will create an entire storyboard for you.


How to Create a Storybook Using Midjourney (a Potential Side Hustle)

Ok, we’ve reached the cooler part of the newsletter.

Here’s a little preview of our children’s book—a side project we did for fun!

This could also be turned into a side hustle; I paid $70 a few years ago for a custom book like this as a gift! Check out this site for inspo.

Now teaching hard concepts or even life skills to kids is always more entertaining when using story telling—heck, even adults love it!😆 We as humans remember powerful stories more than being lectured (at least I think you all do).

You can use Chatgpt to customize the story to make it relatable to your child or loved one (base it on their personalities, past life experiences that are unique to them, or take them on a crazy adventure!).

Here’s the book📖 we created to teach kids about the “I can’t” monster.

Midjourney Prompt + Thought Process

For the images, we used Midjourney. I think it is one of the most impressive and detailed text-to-image A.I. tools out there, but it is a bit harder or tedious to use. But if you want the best, it’s Midjourney.

While the images are great, one major issue we came across was trying to get the characters to stay consistent in the story. You may notice the characters are slightly different in every scene. We tried to minimize this, and you can check out our thought process in the link below.

Check out the full process and prompts here.

ChatGPT Prompt to try

If you want to apply the knowledge you learn from books, here’s a nice prompt:

Using the method from [the book you want to reference], how would you apply the framework explained in this book to my business?

Example: Using the method from “Clockwork”, a book written by Mike Michalowicz, how would you apply the framework explained in this book to my business?

Instructions: If you’ve read a really awesome book and you want to apply it to your business or life, simply use this prompt.

However, do this first. Give it context.

Tell ChatGPT everything about your business and yourself so it understands your situation. By the way, it doesn’t need to be super structured; just talk to Chatgpt as if it’s your business coach. This really accelerated my learning and actually applied the book to my situation.

If you want more helpful prompts to accelerate your business, I’m doing a special discount to preorder my new Custom CHATGPT Marketing Templates here.


  1. My AI Front Desk is a chatbot that answers business-related questions and handles bookings. It operates 24/7, eliminating the need for expensive call center software.
  2. is a real estate marketplace that allows you to create your dream home by providing a simple prompt. Once you’ve created your ideal home, the site matches you with available properties to buy or rent on the market.
  3. is an AI-powered chatbot designed for the finance industry, much like ChatGPT. It generates answers to questions related to public companies and investors by providing accurate reasoning, sources, and data.

Here’s something funny we saw this week!

Let’s keep this a secret between you and our AI community, hey? 🤣


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