Click, Zap, Send: Email Automation with Airtable and Zapier

By Brand Nat

Email can quickly become overwhelming, especially for small business owners juggling many responsibilities. An efficient email system is critical for providing timely responses to customers and prospects. With the right automation, you can streamline your email management, improve productivity, and deliver consistent messaging.

In this post, I’ll walk through a simple automation using Airtable and Zapier that allows you to automatically respond to incoming emails with a pre-written template. This saves you time crafting individual responses, ensures every email gets addressed, and lets you focus on higher-value work.

Here are some key benefits this automation provides:

  • Frees up time spent manually responding to each email
  • Delivers quick, consistent messaging to prospects/customers
  • Helps you stay organized by tracking email conversations

Now let's get into the step-by-step tutorial...

Go to Send Email Response Zapier Template

Click on Try this Zap

Open Trigger Action and copy the webhook URL

Click on Copy

Go to your Airtable Table & Create new Field

Click on add a field

Set Button as Field Type and Customized your button

Click on Create field

Paste the Webhook URL

Paste text area

Add the following lines:

“[WebhookURL]”&”?Name=”&{Name}&”&Email=”&{Email}&”&DraftResponse=”&{Draft Response}&”&Enquiry=”&{Enquiry}


Paste text areaClick on Create field

Test the button

Click on Send Email

Go back to the Zapier and Test Trigger
Click Continue with selected record

Click on Continue with selected record

Go to the second Action

Click on Action…

Under the to select the Querystring Email

Click on Querystring Email

Fill also the Form

Click on Choose value…

Under the Body select the Querystring Draft Response

Click on Querystring Draft Response Hi Test,Thank you for reaching out to us. Our rates for 3 Social Media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) are $250 per month and our product photography service (20 photos) is $50. Thank you for your inquiry. If you have any further quest…

Fill also your preferred Subject Line

Type in highlight

Go to your Airtable and create new Field Entry

Click on add a field

Set it as single line text field type

Click on Create field

Go back to Zapier and navigate the last action

Set “Enquiry” for the Search Field and Querystring Enquiry for Search Value

Click on Action…

Test action and proceed to final action

Click on Test action

Select the correct location and select the ID for the Record Entry

Click on ID recbg5CjlRDmM0Nie

Under the Enquiry Status Type Email Sent!

Type in highlight

Test and Publish the Zap

Click on Test actionClick on Publish


With just a few minutes of setup, you now have a way to automatically respond to emails with Airtable and Zapier. This will save you time, deliver faster responses, and keep your inbox under control.

By implementing small automations like this, you’ll regain hours in your work week for more meaningful and strategic tasks. Over time, these little improvements compound to make a huge difference for your productivity and mental health.

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