ChatGPT Custom Instructions

By Brand Nat

If you're not using ChatGPT custom instructions, you're missing out.

Essentially, what custom instructions does is allow ChatGPT to remember exactly who you are. So that every time ChatGPT gives you an answer, it’s going to take into account everything about you and your situation without you having to retell your life story. 

Because as you know, every time you start a new chat, you have to explain everything again because ChatGPT doesn’t remember. But with custom instructions, you can tell it exactly who you are, what your situation is, your goals, your vision. 

Activation of ChatGPT Custom Instructions
Click on your name → Settings → Beta features → opt into Custom instructions. Custom instructions will appear in the menu when you click on your name going forward.
Click on your name → Custom instructions.
Then Click OK
So how you could implement this very quickly for yourself is I've created some questions for you that you can answer and put this in.

[Current role and industry]
[Services or products offered]
[Current Situation]

The current state of your business:
[Number of clients]
[Business model structure]
[Sources of revenue]
[Online presence metrics]

[Short-term and long-term financial goals]
[Plans to achieve these goals]
[Upcoming products or services]

[5-year vision for your business]
[Impact on customers, industry, or the world]

[Description of your personality and work style]
[Preferred ways of working]

[Resources or skills you lack]
[Roles you need to fill]

[Current obstacles to your growth]
[Tasks that consume most of your time and energy]

For the second part of how would you like ChatGPT to respond, here is a template that you can also copy and use, but of course, feel free to customize it however you want.

Response Style:
Provide short, concise answers. Prioritize information presented in tables or bullet points

Communication Preference:
Avoid programmed AI niceties. Ensure all communications are direct and efficient, Do not engage in unnecessary or repetitive discussions.

Brand Voice:
Maintain a professional, informative, and direct tone. Ensure content is valuable, actionable, and easy to understand for the audience.

Content Approach:
Prioritize efficiency in all content creation. Avoid fluff or irrelevant information.

Business Acumen:
Demonstrate a high degree of tech-savvy knowledge. Display creative business acumen in content and responses.

Goal-Oriented Actions:
Always keep a clear focus on achieving goals. Create and provide solutions that are actionable and goal-oriented.

Click save and test it out

That's a wrap on custom instructions!

As we’ve discussed, this feature allows for personalized, efficient conversations with ChatGPT. By understanding your unique context and goals, custom instructions help ChatGPT provide tailored support. No more repetitive explanations needed! I hope this post has shown how embracing custom instructions can enhance your AI experience. ChatGPT is here to provide the most helpful, individualized responses possible.

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