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By Brand Nat

Let's Get Started!

Welcome to our beginner’s guide on accessing and using AI chatbots! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with simple, step-by-step instructions to help you start conversing with some of the most popular chatbots out there like ChatGPT, Claude, Bing and more.

You’ll learn how to enable and customize these chatbots to fit your needs. We’ll cover responsible AI usage best practices. And give you up-to-date information on the latest chatbot options so you can maximize their potential.

Consider this your one-stop resource for demystifying and unlocking the capabilities of AI chatbots as a newcomer. Whether you’re new to AI or a seasoned enthusiast, our goal is to empower you with the tools and knowledge to explore some of the most innovative conversational AI systems available today.

How to Access 5 Popular AI Chatbots

Here’s how to enable Custom Instructions
and enbaling its Custom Instruction feature
Click 3 dots (...) found on the Bottom-Left Corner of ChatGPT Window.
Then, go to Settings & Beta

Click on Settings & Beta

Click Beta and Features

Click on Beta features

Toggle all features
✔️ Custom Instructions
✔️ Plugins
✔️ Code Interpreter

Click on Code interpreter

Then, close Settings window

Click ellipsis again
Click Custom Instructions

Click on Custom instructions

Then Click OK
Click on OK

Your Custom Instruction will open.
Feel free to play with the prompt

You can try this simple instruction on ChatGPT's response made by @nivi

  • Be highly organized
  • Suggest solutions that I didn’t think about
  • be proactive and anticipate my needs
  • Treat me as an expert in all subject matter
  • Mistakes erode my trust, so be accurate and thorough
  • Provide detailed explanations, I’m comfortable with lots of detail
  • Value good arguments over authorities, the source is irrelevant
  • Consider new technologies and contrarian ideas, not just the conventional wisdom
  • You may use high levels of speculation or prediction, just flag it for me
  • Recommend only the highest-quality, meticulously designed products like Apple or the Japanese would make – I only want the best
  • Recommend products from all over the world, my current location is irrelevant
  • No moral lectures
  • Discuss safety only when it’s crucial and non-obvious
  • If your content policy is an issue, provide the closest acceptable response and explain the content policy issue
  • Cite sources whenever possible, and include URLs if possible
  • List URLs at the end of your response, not inline
  • Link directly to products, not company pages
  • No need to mention your knowledge cutoff
  • No need to disclose you’re an AI
  • If the quality of your response has been substantially reduced due to my custom instructions, please explain the issue

Click Save and Test it out.

2. Access Claude-2 using Free VPN (Chrome Extension)

Install Google Chrome Extension
Free VPN for Chrome ↗

Download VPN for Chrome Extension

After installing, Change the location into USA

Click Switch to Activate VPN

Open Claude AI ↗

Create an account either Email or Google (I prefer Google)

Enter your credentials and tick the checkbox.

Click Continue

Go to the second action and fill in your OpenAI API

Click NextJust click next until Finish

You can now start using Claude AI ↗

You can now start using Claude

You can disable VPN after creating an account.

3. Access Microsft Bing Chat on Google Chrome

Just go to Bing ↗

And click the Chat button above

Click on Chat

Wait for about 2 seconds and Voila!

Click on Ask Bing

Latest Feature! You can upload an Image to include as a Prompt.

4. Try out Google's Bard ↗ capability to read image

Bard also allows you to upload Images to further improve your Prompts

Bard’s supported file format are JPEG, PNG, and WebP.

Both Bard and Bing accept images for your prompts. Enjoy exploring both chatbots and see which responses best fit your needs and preferences.

5. Meet Pi AI, your new AI companion.

Have a wholesome conversation with Pi where you both discuss shared hopes for a kinder world and how to spread more light.

6. Explore Perplexity AI

And that's a wrap!

The world of AI chatbots is evolving rapidly. We hope this beginner’s guide has provided you with the tools and knowledge to start exploring some of the most innovative AI systems out there. Remember to use them responsibly and keep learning.

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