DIY AI Task Automation for Busy Solopreneurs

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  • πŸ€– Baking With Bots (Tutorials) – Let AI do your task scheduling
  • 🍟 AI Snacks – ChatGPT has memory!
  • πŸ’» Prompt To Try – Master AI images
  • πŸ› οΈ 3 Taste Test Tools – Voice to action notes

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Hi guys!


Hope you’re all having a fab day!


This week will be abit different as you can see the format has changed.

Based on the feedback from our surveys at the end of each newsletter, just under 70% of you voted for more AI tutorials + AI tools.


So, as an experiment I’m tailoring it to more of what you want!


On average, we spend a combined 20-30hrs/ week researching, testing & creating cool automations, using cool AI tools etc. Then we condense it down to under a 5 min read like this.


We hope you will enjoy our fresh bite size tutorials & cool AI tools to try!

πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ³ BAKING WITH BOTS πŸ€–

DIY Tutorial – Let AI Do The Scheduling!

As a solopreneur, we’re often doing alot of tasks or if you have a small team, you’re dishing out alot of tasks to your team.


I don’t know about you but I feel like a machine gun sometimes with the amount of things I need done each day lol (not all the time!). Everyday is not the same, am I right?


We’re often communicating on Whatsapp/Slack, discussing projects & ideas. In between those conversations, I ask them to do a task as a result.


The problem is sometimes I forget what I asked for while my team members have dropped some tasks to complete the more urgent one.


In addition, sometimes my team also lose track of those little tasks that form the bigger projects.


If we wanted to manually record all tasks, below would be the manual process.

So we found a solution that is SO simple, SO Automated & uses AI.


Turn slack messages into auto-scheduled calendar tasks
  • Every time you’re chatting in Slack, you can turn a message into a task in Motion (project management tool)
  • Motion’s AI will take your task & find a free spot on your calendar to slot it in!😱



  • Motion (AI project management)
  • Slack (communication)
  • Zapier (automation)


Quick Setup Tutorial:

  1. Login to Zapier and try this template ↗​
  2. For 1st App (Slack) in the “Event” choose “New saved message”
  3. For 2nd App (Motion) in “Event” choose “Create task” & fill out your detail/requirements


Test it out:

  1. In Slack, find a message you want to turn into a task
  2. Click on “Save for later”
  3. Check your Motion calendar for new task!

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πŸ₯ ChatGPT remembers everything you talk about in every chat

πŸ₯¨ OpenAI may create a search engine to compete with Google

🍟 Run AI Chatbot on your local PC with Nvidia “Chat with RTX”​


Shortcut your way to mastering prompt-based image generation for gorgeous marketing visuals. Here’s the prompt structure:

[Subject Description], [Background], [Additional Elements], [Effect], [Overall Composition]

AI Generated Image:


The Prompt:

A meticulously manicured hand with a sleek gold bracelet, reaching through an opening in the ceiling, poised to touch a luxurious cream in a glass jar, branded Dior Prestige. The setting is a room with peach and beige striped walls and a matching peach-colored floor, complemented by golden trim on the edges. Additional elements include the soft glow emitted by the lamp above, casting subtle shadows that contribute to the ambiance. The effect is a surreal and upscale advertisement-like image that plays with perspective and luxury aesthetics. The overall composition balances the surrealism of the reaching hand with the product’s elegance, encapsulated in a sophisticated color palette that underscores the brand’s luxurious image


  1. ​Galileo AI – Text-to-UI platform for easy & fast design ideation
  2. ​NotesGPT – Turn your voice notes into clear action items
  3. ​Assistive Chat – If ChatGPT and Midjourney had a love child😍


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