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1/ You’re still early to A.I. – 58% of people in US have heard of ChatGPT yet of this, only 12% use it for work. I couldn’t believe it! Then of the people who have actually used it, a low 24-38% of people said it was useful. I personally think perhaps it is because many don’t know how to use it (yet). Moral of the story…keep learning because this is your greatest advantage. A.I. isn’t going away 🙂

2/ Apple has unveiled its first augmented reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. Forget the TV, mobile, computer. With what looks like ski goggles you can control all these with eyes, hands, and voice. You can watch movies, access your apps for work while seeing what’s actually happening around you. But the 2hr battery and the eye watering $3500 price tag are one of the downsides 🙂

3/ McKinsey & Company, the global consulting firm with nearly 50% of its workforce using ChatGPT. They’re using generative AI in areas such as coding, customer engagement, creative content generation, and content synthesis. They recommended a 5-step approach for enterprise generative AI here.


This is how an A.I. tool generated a whopping $68,000 Monthly Reoccurring Revenue in JUST 4 months growing at a rate of 50% month over month – ALL bootstrapped!

This company is called Syllaby, founded by my fellow Tiktok friend Austin Armstrong with 2.7 mil followers on social media (pretty sure you’ve seen him talking about Saas and A.I. tools!).

This dude is the King of social media!

If that wasn’t enough, he’s gone and created his own tool that creates your social media strategy in 10 minutes! This totally makes sense as he is from a social media marketing background having run (and still is) a marketing agency.

His social media accounts aren’t the only thing that’s driving traffic to his new A.I. tool. He’s said its “grown so quickly because we do weekly user interviews, organic social media, our affiliate program, live speaking engagements, and podcast interviews”.

How Syllaby helps businesses/marketers:

  • Finds content topics for your industry (using search volume/CPC, Competition data)
  • Creates video script based on ideas
  • Gets A.I. Avatar to present your script

Want to build your own A.I. Tool and monetise?

If you don’t come from a tech background nor do you have a tech cofounder, here is an option. There are A.I. App builders that are no code like Bubble.io where they have templates for you to implement straight away.

Depending on your skillset, it may be best to create an A.I. tool that you are an expert in. This way you understand the problems your ideal customers are having and you can build something to solve it. Say you’re a business coach, you could create an app for your clients who pay a monthly subscription to access it. Or a tool that generates the best linkedin posts. The key here is to build something you’re an expert in or have extensive knowledge in so it can really stand out in the market.

Instantly become a Pro Photo Editor

Forget expensive photoshoots and paying $$$ for courses to learn about photography/editing and then HOURS fiddling around with technical stuff.

Adobe launched 2 amazing A.I. tools that convert text into images (Photoshop Beta and Firefly for Web). I know there are MANY tools that do this but trust me when I say, Adobe DOES IT BEST. Here’s why:

  • You can expand a small picture and blow up to a massive one with no text. The result is insane! This is the best I’ve seen. I’ve tried others which weren’t exactly a great fit or took alot of tweaking. Adobe just gets it right first time. (Available on Photoshop Beta, not Firefly).
  • You can instantly change your clothes, remove people/object, add different hairstyles etc and the result is pretty good!
  • The quality of imagery (it’s not perfect but the best of any tool out there)

Below is an example of what I created with a normal stock photo and this took about 5-10min. Can you imagine if you had to set this all up, buy the props, make the cakes/candy and then find a way to suspend it mid-air? 😮

My tutorial is here.

This was done on Adobe Firefly (on the web) so you don’t need to purchase Adobe Photoshop subscription. Simply sign up for an account to access.

I also tried Adobe Photoshop Beta which is pretty crazy. Watch my tutorial to see what I mean. If you already have photoshop you can install it with this tutorial.

Overall, both these A.I. tools allow anyone to create images without a design background. It would be great for ecommerce product images, linkedin photos (change your clothes/background/hairstyle), wedding photographers (I saw a dude erase a projector that ruined his photo on the day, Adobe was able to replicate the stained glass in church!).

👩‍💻 ChatGPT Prompt to try

This is a quick way to get your website audited and get recommendations on how to improve your website. May not be like asking a real marketer but I’ve used it – it’s pretty spot on! Try it out.

Analyse [website]

What changes would you implement in order to:

  1. [Goal 1 – For example Email Sign ups]
  2. [Goal 2 – For example Increase purchases]
  3. [Goal 3 – Reduce common customer questions about xxx]


1/ Interviews By A.I. – One of my fellow super smart Tiktoker friend, Jake Rosenthal created this really cool and FREE A.I. Tool.

It’s like a private coach that helps you get your dream job by giving you live feedback on your interview!

Basically you tell it the job role you are interviewing for and it will give you mock interview questions which you can answer in AUDIO. It will give you live feedback AND a sample response on how you could have answered it better. I’m very impressed with the quality of answers you get here (see below).

A testimonial that sums it up” the questions that were asked in “Interviews by AI” were relevant and very similar to the ones asked in his actual interview. This is a great product!”

No wonder I never got a job via interviews!🤣 Try this out for yourself here.

2/ 10Web – This tool helps you create a website by answering a short questionnaire. It will then create tailored content and images based on your responses.

3/ Magical.so is an AI-powered time management tool that uses GPT-4 and Whisper from OpenAI to generate meeting notes, create custom agendas, find optimal meeting times, and offer a suite of features for effective meeting and schedule management


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