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  • 🍟 AI Snacks – OpenAI Academy for AI Education
  • 🤖 Baking With Bots (Tutorials) – Bing & Bard can read your images/photos! ChatGPT can’t do this
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Is ChatGPT getting dumber?

If you’ve noticed you’re getting worse responses from ChatGPT, you may not be alone. Stanford Researchers have found the following:

  • Solving math problems – Dropped from 97.6% to 2.4.4%
  • Answering sensitive questions – Dropped from 21% to 5%
  • Code generation – Dropped from 52% to 10%
  • Visual reasoning – Increased slightly from 24.6% to 27.4%

Why would this happen? Shouldn’t it get better over time?

Here are some possible reasons, the ChatGPT model may now:

  • Be trained on a dataset that is more noisy and less representative of real-world language
  • Be optimized for different metrics, such as speed or efficiency, which may have come at the expense of accuracy
  • Be becoming more complex, which can make it more difficult to train and debug


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Eyeball Scanning Crypto Project (World coin)

by Open AI’s Sam Altman to build “Digital Passport” by verifying if you’re human or AI (Iris scan) in exchange for 25 free Worldcoin (~$2 each).

In future he hopes to make UBI (universal basic income) a reality to help combat income inequality. This means everyone will receive a certain amount of tokens each year as AI “will do more and more of the work that people now do”. Currently the project has 2mil users and ramping up to 20 countries.

This has obviously been controversial with privacy experts criticising sensitive data gathered might get into the wrong hands despite Worldcoin insisting no data is stored.

🍿AI Snacks

🍭 Sam Altman Plans for OpenAI Academy for AI Education

🍩 Google is testing an AI tool that can write news articles – A personal assistant for journalists by automating tasks but NYT executives weren’t impressed

🍰 Women more likely to be impacted by AI automation than men: Office support + Customer service

🍧 ChatGPT now available on Android – Register for waitlist here

🧋 Asian MIT grad asked for AI ‘professional’ photo; it made her white

🍟 OpenAI AI Detector a dud, can’t tell Robots from Humans


Bing & Bard can interpret images + Use cases

Both Bing and Bard now have eyes! You can use your mobile to take photos to include as prompts, search the web or chat about it.

Cool use cases:

  • Capture your receipt details in text form
  • Quickly get handwritten notes converted to text form
  • Upload a screenshot image of a website and ask it to create create HTML and CSS code
  • Create a website based on a scribbled design and generate HTML and CSS code
  • Upload complex CAD designs of houses and ask questions related to the designs
  • Upload complex math problems for it to solve
  • Take a photo of items in your fridge and ask it to come up with a recipe with links

But does it actually work? Find out below.

  1. Bing Chat

    • Better at interpreting my messy hand written notes compared to Bard. BUT upon using it the next day it didn’t return the same results (quite inconsistent) but still performed better than Bard.
    • Blurs out human faces for privacy
  2. Bard

    • It couldn’t interpret my hand written notes and was completely wrong (thinking I was a soap maker when my notes were about tech tools)
    • However it could interpret printed notes like receipts
    • Better at searching on the web for the item in your photo to buy with links (taking Google shopping to next level!)
    • Cannot accept images of humans or even silhouettes

ChatGPT Prompt to try

Design a Twitter thread concept which illustrates how your [product/service] addresses the distinct pain issues and requirements of your [ideal customer persona] in an appealing and immersive manner.


  1. Tugan.ai – Transcribe your Videos into social media content or article.
  2. AdCreative AI – Generate ad creatives that help you sell more
  3. IconBuddy – Extensive library of customizable icons
  4. PitchYourIdea – Generates compelling pitches in just a few seconds
  5. Play.ht – Convert text to lifelike speech


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